This week in class we learnt about animation. Something I’m keen on.

But in 3D it seems a lot more mathsy.

That’s a word now.

It’s basically all to do with:

  • “Hello, I’m a 3D model”
  • “Hello 3D mod L, I’m an abstract pile of maths that can be represented as a “bone” in a 3D model.”
  • “That sounds great abstract boner, what is your purpose?”
  • “I basically tell you how much of each vertice in your model is effected by me when I move!”
  • “Oh, shit, that sounds useful!”
  • “It sure, is 3D Mode L. I am also useful because you can create a bone structure and ┬áput me into animations, then re-use my animations in an infinite number of models that are similar to my bone structure!”
  • “Oh wow that sounds a lot more useful than animating each model separately!”
  • “Yes, and it also means the programmer can change individual libs if he wants, like raise an arm or position a leg where he wants without having to create a whole new animation!”
  • “Great!”
  • “It is also useful for physics like rag dolls!”

Because this week I wanted to catch up on my shadow work, that’s what I did instead. Animation can be done later. Although this week we missed Wednesday because of the public holiday, and on Thursday I got sick, and took Friday off. I spent the weekend being sick and did some assignment work.

All and all a very non-productive week.

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