Assignment complete (so far)



So I managed to complete a scene graph, create a geometry shader and pixel shader with animations.

Most of the assignment was taken up with fixing errors and things not working.

I managed to get the tree loading in but not into the real project.

There isn’t any terrain generation yet or lights. These are still to come.

For the lava I used 2 textures, 1 is the black rocks on top and under that there’s 2 of the same texture that both move in opposite directions on the Y axis and at the same time along the X axis. A time variable to move the UV along the X axis for the top lava.

At the same time I used 3 sine waves over time to morph the lava geometry to make it appear like waves.

For the GLOW I made a screen texture and researched an easy-to-use glow
filter. The geometry shader was a simple flat quad and the pixel shader used a formula to determine the brightness of the pixels around it and made it glow. For performance, the glow only applies to every 4th pixel:




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