I done some photos

For my assignment, I’m doing a cloudy scene.

It turns out today is a cloudy day.

I took photos for reference.

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2The tree and the cars are good examples.

Basically the shadows are like “projector shadows” (just under the thing) and get darker the closer they are to contact (see in the car example).

This is probably similar to “skylight” effects. Basically what the blue colour of the sky does to shadows of things. Then there’s the light from the sun that casts the main solid shadow.

The thing is, though, you don’t really see the skylight make these sorts of shadows. I think it’s because the sun light almost over-writes this because it’s so bright. But maybe more realistic lighting might take this into consideration. Secondary lighting also (like sunlight bouncing off objects) probably add to this.

Silly sun. You so bright.

So yeah, this means that despite me wanting to actually do shadow maps, I might not be able to because they’d look out of place. Maybe I could get extra marks for a sexy inclusion shadow shader or something. HMMMMMM?


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