Some random team assignment?

Today we randomly were told to get into a pre-chosen team to draft out and work together on a game. The game has to be based on “Snaked and Ladders”.

The first day was just a planning day but we came up with some pretty cool ideas. The game we will be creating over the next 2 weeks is going to be like a reverse Snakes and Ladders where you have to get from the top of a cliff to the bottom. In the background there is a Cthulhu who has given you dark magic… okay I’ll stop now. This is the story:

Cthulhu is destroying the world and got to Mexico. Unfortunately for Cthulhu, he drank too much Tequila and got drunk, dropping some of his dark magic in the ocean which has washed up on the side of a cliff face.tmp_cthulhu


(Cthulhu with a Sombrero) (Image source unknown. Maybe here?)

In come 2 Mexican men, enemies, but are trying to escape Cthulhu’s destruction. On their race to the boat at the bottom of a deadly cliff, they find dark magic and find that they can use it to aid their descent or disrupt his opponent with it by casting spells.

So the idea of the game is to descend down the cliff. As you go, you pick up from 1 to 3 dark magic points. A spell will cost a certain amount of dark magic points. The spells will be “Spawn Vine” to help progress down, “Spawn tentacle” to harm your enemy, “Immunity” that will make you immune to tentacles, and “Cthulhu attack” which is really expensive (you have to save up by not casting any spells), but it sends the player back many spaces (20 or so) which is almost back to the start.

The levels will be semi-random with randomized spots for “portals” which are where you cast vines and tentacles to come from.

The art style will be hand painted textures on 3D models, and we will be using Unity to create the game in C#.

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