I am a professional at Development Methodologies

Today I plan on planning to do a plan. Well, I’m actually doing the plan.

This will be the milestones for my development methodology report, where I must talk about multiple project management development methodologies before creating an argument about which one to use in a small game company or personal project.

For the project I plan on doing the development methodology for my Software Development 4 project (Echo of Heroes) which will be done by myself, so this will be taken into consideration. The idea will be to choose a good methodology for this project, which should be based off things like avoiding a lot of unnecessary things like time spent documenting that other people would otherwise be looking at in a large team.

Here’s the milestones:

4 28 August Find research.
5 4 September Intro, template and fill text.
6 11 September Waterfall, template, abstract (intro sections).
7 18 September Spiral, Scrum, comparison sections.
8 25 September TDD, RAD, comparison sections..
9 2 October Incremental funding method, Feature driven development, comparison sections.
10 9 October Initial report due Conclusion, comparison sections, and clean up. Hand in.
11 16 October Intro and plan for chosen development methodology.
12 23 October 1/3rd of case study sections.
13 30 October 2/3rd of case study sections.
14 6 November 3/3rd of case study sections. 
15 13 November Conclusion and abstract. Finalise.
16 20 November Final report due Proof read and hand in. Buffer.


As these are based off what looks like a draft of the development methodology assignment outcomes, I can’t say they are the actual assignment due dated. But There’s no hurt having them earlier than usual.

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