Touch is a 3rd person artistic survival game that is driven by character choices. It takes place in a dark and desolate world in the shadow of a once advanced and powerful civilization all deprived of its color and life. You will take the role of a protective mother trying to save her 2 children from imminent death at the hands of a dark force that wants to consume all forms of life.


As the mother, you have to travel through the ruins of the once vibrant city and its connecting lands to reach a place of possible sanctuary for your children. You will have to make hard emotional and moral choices that will question who you are as a person and as a player to survive.


The action of “Touch or holding” plays a big role in the game. The mother has to use her hands to hold her children to guide them through the different puzzles and obstacles they face. The mother’s touch also creates a bond with her children to give them energy and hope, which will be essential to the children’s power.


On the other hand the children also have their own energy in the form of color. Each child has a designated color (blue and orange) which represents their energy and life force. With this energy each child could use them to power up old machines and levers to solve puzzles that they face. It is critical that the mother takes care of her children to be able to live through the journey.


Throughout the game the family will be faced not only by the different puzzles, but also by the dark force we call ‘The Darkness”. The Darkness is the constant threat that is just at their heels, chasing them on every turn of the game. If you’re too slow them it can catch you by taking your children first and consuming them. As the mother you are not safe from it too, as long exposure to the darkness can leave you vulnerable to its power which will constitute to death.


Touch is a game that lies in the blurred lines between a horror and an atmospheric puzzle game. Its main focus is to entangle you in the web of a mother’s love for her children, her willingness to push on despite insurmountable odds to save your children. Touch intends to leave the player a lasting emotional connection even after they have played the game.


The game


Download Touch (1.4GB).

Aim of the game

In Touch, you control the mother and must bring your two children to safety. Each child has a unique ability that they use to activate certain elements of the landscape. Solve puzzles using the children, but watch out for the darkness! The darkness will come after you and trap your children. You will need to use light to scare it away. If your children are weak, you must hold their hands to increase their power.

Bring your children to the tower at the other end of the ruined city to power the city’s gems and fend off the darkness.

Keyboard Controls

  • W, A, S, and D move the mother around the level
  • Arrow keys control the camera
  • Q and E to to tell children to stand or come
  • F to interact
  • G to use your power blast
  • H and K to hold the hands of the children
  • P pauses the game
  • R restarts the game
  • Esc goes back to main menu

XBox 360 controller

  • Left joystick to move the mother
  • Right joystick to move the camera
  • A to interact
  • Left and Right triggers to hold the hands of the children
  • Left and right bumpers to tell children to stand or come
  • X uses mother’s power blast
  • Start pauses the game
  • Back instantly goes back to main menu

Saving your progress

The game saves your progress at certain points. You can leave the game and come back to it by choosing “Load” in the “Options” menu. Starting a new game will reset your previous progress.

More info to come soon.

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