Getting up to scratch and a new uni project

Hey everyone. I have not posted in ages mainly because I keep forgetting to. So I’ll be doing at least one a week for a new project I’m working on plus any number of others that I have in the works. The things that I’ve been working on briefly are:

Game Faming

20140326142906 Game Faming is a gamer social network website that allows users to post videos and blogs, vote on them by attacking or defending them, which allows the good videos to be kept and the bad ones be deleted. The site is like a Facebook type website but for gamers only, or game related content. The core of the site will be that users level up the same way as you do in an RPG type game and can access extra content and even enter competitions to win prizes based on their level. The website is being developed by myself and a team of others.

Filtrate updates

20140326143333 Filtrate is a 2D platformer game made with a friend in my first year at AIE. The updates include:

  • Extra HUD with dimension indicator and death counter (it’s great coming into a room where someone’s been playing a level for ages and seeing the death counter.)
  • More player animations and smoother walk cycle. Animated idle stance.
  • Added more music depending on the level
  • Added more level variations that match the music
  • Added backgrounds
  • Tweaked graphics. Particularly the spikes image as people thought it looked like grass and would skip and hop through a meadow of death.

I had also done a few code tweaks and added a mode where the orbs would kill you instead. This made the game really hard and had to tweak the levels slightly.

Little Annoying Rocket game

20140326143358 This game is a type of phone / tablet game where you control the rocket by tapping and holding, and then dragging the touch to rotate. As you’re touching, the rocket jets fire and you move forwards. It is a difficult game because the camera moves with the rocket and only moves the direction it is facing, so it’s hard to control, but that’s where the challenge is. The goal of the game is to get as much score as possible by going as high as possible, going

FPS Punching game

20140326161308This is currently in very early construction but basically, the idea is that it’s an arena type game like Quake III Arena¬†except you only get the ability to punch people and kill them in 1 hit. The idea came about at a LAN one day when we decided to create our own game-mode in Crysis Wars where we would not use weapons. The game gave you the ability to go invisible, be super fast,. jump really high, or have armour. Using these abilities drained energy and you’d need to turn them off to recharge it. The game mode ended up being really fun because of 3 main aspects: sound effects – satisfying hearing the bash and crunch when you hit someone. Rag-doll: seeing your friend’s bodies fly across the arena after you punch them and then flop to the ground was funny. One hit punches: With the strength mode, punching someone was an instant kill, and this was extremely satisfying. This video shows this in action. 20140326164046 ¬† The way this worked well was also because it was a first person shooter game with guns, but if you take away the guns and make your arms super powerful, it’s a whole new game, and just as fun. This game will be fast paced and include power-ups that allow the player to move faster or jump higher, go invisible, and occasionally a ball they can throw once to kill someone. We will be developing it in Unity3D because it’s easy to use and I’m familiar with it. I also have a student licence for the pro version.

Helping a friend with some art

20140326182139 Even though I’m a programmer. I still enjoy doing (2D) artwork from time-to-time. A friend has been developing a game for fun and I asked if I could so some art for it. The concept for the art I was aiming for was a spaceship that appeared like a sports car (Sort of like the game is about you driving sports cars in space and not allowed to scratch it). 20140326182623

Particle tool for CIT

20140228054828 There will be a separate post about this later. But basically, because I really enjoy particle effects, for my “Final Project” for CIT, I’ll be creating an “In browser” tool that lets you create particle effect animations to be used as animated sprites in your game’s particle engine. The need is that there’s not many cheap / free usable particle creation tools around, apart from having to create them in Adobe Flash or Photoshop. There are tools around that let you create super realistic particle effects like Fume FX for Maya and 3DS Max. but these aren’t cheap and they require a lot of setting up. They also don’t allow you to view the effects at real-time as they need to be rendered out, which takes a considerable amount of time. So the main aim for this tool is to have a particle effect generator that utilized WebGL’s GPU usage to display the particle systems and the browser can take care of the toolset.

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